Tuition and Fees

Assessment of Tuition and Fees

Montessori Academy of Naples’ Board of Directors and Administration work hard to keep the costs of attendance affordable for families while continuing to provide for a superior staff, a safe and well-maintained environment, and the financial stability of the school. Tuition and fees are analyzed annually by the Treasurer and the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors. The Montessori Academy of Naples’ Board of Directors discusses, assesses, and approves all fees and the tuition schedule annually.


The 2018-2019 fees are as follows:

A one-time Application Fee of $75 per student is due with submission of the Montessori Academy of Naples Application Form.

A one-time Enrollment Fee of $250 per new student is due upon initial registration at Montessori Academy of Naples.

An annual Registration and Materials Fee of $325 per student is due upon registration.

An annual Tuition Deposit of $100 is due upon registration.  This deposit is reimbursed in February provided the student is still enrolled and the family account is current.

An annual Testing Fee of $100 is due upon registration for each Elementary and Adolescent Student.

Application, Enrollment, Registration and Materials Fees, Tuition Deposit, and Testing Fees are not subject to discounts.

Tuition Schedule

Click here to view MAN’s 2018-2019 Tuition Schedule.

-Special notes:

– Sibling Discount of 5% applies to the second child and subsequent children in a family. Both children must be registered as full-time, full tuition students. This discount may be combined with the annual payment discount, which is 2%.

– A limited number of spots are available for before and after school care. Pre-registration is necessary for participation in these programs.

– Once enrolled, additional fees may apply as incurred (i.e. school lunch program fees, late dismissal fees, etc…)

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