Adolescent Curriculum

Life is activity at its peak, and it is only through activity that the perfectionments of life can be sought and gained. 

Maria Montessori


Montessori Academy of Naples does not “teach to the test” in any program, including the Adolescent Program, however, we do recognize the importance of alignment with core academic standards.  Students must be prepared for their future, for their life.  The Montessori method of education naturally develops the skills that the Common Core Standards are seeking but expands the students experiences beyond the intellectual and cognitive parameters of Common Core.  In this way Montessori can not only align with widely-held benchmarks but maximize exposure to concepts and therefore maximize discovery opportunities without compromising the high standards and ideals of a Montessori education.  A Montessori education is a preparation for life.  It fosters the natural joy of learning and encourages the development of the whole human being.  It recognized the innate drives and potential that live inside each student and values their ability to contribute in a unique and meaningful way.

Adolescent Curriculum Domains

Intellectual Development

These are the core academics, the non-negotiables, of mathematics, English, foreign language, citizenship and moral development.  Work in the Intellectual Domain is met during the daily work cycle.  Students are required to incorporate these areas into their day-to-day learning, to choose work that challenges them academically, and to work to their potential.  Work in these core areas develops the foundational intellectual skills necessary to communicate, to problem solve, and to reason.


Work in the Self-Expression Domain is met through integrated work and activities in all domains and is student initiated.

Preparation for Adult Life

This domain includes not only the practical experiences necessary to develop individual skills, but experiences in community culture through occupations.

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