Montessori Academy of Naples’ Adolescent Program is  specifically designed for the 12 to 15 year old student.   The program offers a  comprehensive curriculum that adheres to rigorous academic standards, offers research and experiential opportunities, is grounded in the Montessori tradition, and is both adapted to our Southwest Florida environment and community and connected to the greater community at large.

The Montessori adolescent environment does this by offering students real-world experiences, real-life responsibilities, and real opportunities to contribute to their class, the school, and the  community.  In addition to core intellectual studies of English, mathematics, foreign language, and citizenship, students explore avenues of self-expression through the creative and performing arts and, as ultimately the adolescent is preparing for adult life, students have the opportunity to shoulder responsibilities not only as individuals but as an integral member of group endeavors.

Students develop life management skills through responsibilities in the Adolescent program’s micro-economy.  This student-generated business is the sole responsibility of the students from inception to fruition and beyond.  Students develop an understanding of the land and resources through environmental maintenance programs and land lab stewardship.  And students discover how the world works through scientific experimentation and discovery, and opportunities to deepen knowledge of history, politics, and culture.  Lessons and learning opportunities are a combination of individual and group work, seminars guided by either the classroom guide or outside experts, and hands-on experiences in the community and on the land.

The students also have access to technology.  Technology  in a Montessori program is, once again,  grounded in life.  Skills necessary to efficiently and effectively utilize technology are developed through purposeful, real-life work.   Students have access to not only computers but a range of scientific equipment that will enable them to explore and study the world around them.

MAN is proud to offer this unique educational experience to our Southwest Florida community and mindful of the responsibility it entails.  As always, MAN’s Board of Directors, Administrators, and Staff remain committed to preserving the integrity of all current programs while moving forward with the logical steps in our evolution.  It is because of this solid foundation and through the continued dedication and efforts of many that MAN is able to maintain focus on the students and families we serve while envisioning and building these expanded opportunities for the future.

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