Before and After School

Montessori Academy of Naples offers both an Early Arrival and an After School Program as an assistance to our working families. In order to provide consistency of care, these programs are designed and supervised by Montessori Academy of Naples’ classroom staff. Registration information for these programs is included with the School Year and Summer Registration Forms. Fees can be found on the Tuition Schedule.

Program Hours
Early Arrival is from 7:30 to 8:00A.M.
After School is from 3:00 to 5:30P.M.

Early Arrival

The organic produce delivery arrives early in the morning.

Children love to see the produce delivery early in the morning.

During the Early Arrival Program, children are consolidated into classrooms based on number of students in attendance and age range. The morning focuses on routines and making preparations for the classrooms and the day. It is a relaxed time for conversation and sharing with friends. Students are dismissed to their individual classrooms at 8:00A.M. Advanced Registration in this program is required so adequate staffing can be maintained throughout the 30 minute Early Arrival period.

After School

After School Programs, at all levels, offer indoor and outdoor opportunities for the children each day and a snack is provided. The Nido and Toddler programs offer a continuation of the days’ routines while the Children’s House and Elementary Programs are comprised of both an open class work time with more relaxed activities as well as a directed group time with activities.

Girl Scouts

Montessori Academy of Naples also serves as venue for Girl Scout Troop #400. While MAN does not dictate the Girl Scout programming or events, it is proud to support the overall mission of the scouts. For more information about Girl Scouts, please contact the school office at 239-597-2255.

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