Lower Elementary

The Lower Elementary Program is designed for the 6 to 9 year old child.  The student is introduced to the world through the Five Great Lessons.  The Great Lessons are designed to engage the elementary child’s imagination and innate desire to learn.  The lessons are repeated for each of the three years of the lower elementary program.  Through this repetition, not only is the child’s interest reignited but their understanding and knowledge of the subject matter is deepened as they view the stories from a vantage point of increased maturity.  The Great Lessons seize on the students natural desire to question and seek answers and they inspire the students studies.

The Five Great Lessons are:

  • The Coming of the Universe and the Earth–introduces the sciences of:  astronomy; geography; geology; meteorology; physics; and chemistry.
  • The Coming of Life–introduces the study of:  biology; botany; habitats; monera, protista, and fungi kingdoms;  animals including man; and ancient life.
  • The Coming of Human Beings–introduces the study of: history; social studies; culture; and discovery and invention.
  • The Story of Writing–introduces the study of:  spoken language; reading; writing; and structure and grammar.
  • The Story of Numbers–this lesson introduces the student to the study of: numbers; mathematics; geometry; and applications.

Through these lessons, the student is exposed to a tremendous amount of information.  From these lessons, the student finds avenues of interest for exploration.

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