Montessori Academy of Naples’ Summer Programs are grounded in the time-tested Montessori philosophy. The younger students benefit from the consistency of the classroom environments while older students extend their research and hands-on learning.

In the past, students have discovered the many resources and treasures in their own community, their neighborhood, their town, their state, their country, their continent, and our world. They have explored the Universe and Man’s adventures into Space and explosion into technology. They have traveled the 50 states of our great country and learned of the contributions of the varied regions and the wisdom of native tribes.  And, they have spent a summer immersed in the arts!  One summer found the students delving into the diverse ecosystems of our planet and discovering the interrelationship and delicate balance of our natural world as MAN presented Mother Nature’s World Wide Web.  In all our summer programs there is an emphasis on Harnessing Our World:  A Child’s “How-to” Guide to Life.  Children get answers to their often asked questions  of “how do you do that?”, “how do you make that?” and “how can I help?”.   

Montessori Academy of Naples’ school year staff design and implement the Summer Programs which insures a summer program with high standards and focused on the child.

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