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Application Process




Waiting List

To help us better assist your child's needs, we ask that you complete and submit the inquiry form. We also as that you schedule a tour so we can meet you and your child personally. 

After completing your tour and inquiry, please complete the application form that applies and return the application with the application fee and any pertinent student documents.

Upon return of the application, the application fee, and supporting documents, an interview is scheduled with a teacher. The child should be present for this interview. At the Elementary level, during the school year, an additional student-only classroom visit from 8:30 to 11:30A.M is scheduled. A parent-only follow-up conference with the teacher is scheduled to discuss the visit.

Upon completion of the interview, the student is placed on the Waiting List or offered enrollment if a space is available. The date the Application Process is completed determines the student’s placement on the Waiting List.





Childrens House






Additional Information

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the school year. If there are no program openings at the time of application or if the student is planning to enroll for the upcoming school year, the applicant is placed on the Waiting List. Students are eligible for placement on the Waiting List once the Application Process is complete including remittance of all application documents and fees to the school.


The date the Application Process is completed is the date used to ascertain a student’s place on the Waiting List and is the date considered when extending offers for admission.​


Registration for the upcoming school year begins in February. The first two weeks of the registration period are reserved for current families to re-register their student’s and enroll new siblings for both School Year and Summer programs.


After the Current Family Registration period is complete, designated classroom openings** are assessed and offers are extended to Montessori Transfer students followed by applicants from the general Waiting List on a first-come, first-served basis.​


Upon acceptance into Montessori Academy of Naples, all initial enrollment documents and fees must be remitted within 7 days in order to reserve the space.Should spaces become available during the school year, they are offered based on the same first-come, first-served criteria.A probationary period of six weeks applies to all new students to determine if placement is acceptable to both the family and the school.


**Montessori classrooms are co-ed, multi-aged environments. Maintaining a balanced ratio of ages and genders is integral to the overall functioning of the classes. Designated classroom openings are assessed and offered based on these variables.

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