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Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Montessori Academy of Naples, Inc. is a working Board and is comprised of teachers, parents, and community members. It is the visionary body of the school charged with: establishing and advancing the school’s mission; developing a strategic plan and setting short and long term goals; promoting community awareness and support; and preserving the fiscal integrity of a not-for-profit business entity.

Executive Board

David Land, Chair Shawn Bussler, Vice Chair Deborah Sellick, Treasurer Amy Garbarino-Tate, Secretary


Isabella Doncea Nadja Goldberg Kimberly Hunt, Head of School Corey Raiser Jarrell Allison Parish


Montessori Academy of Naples’ administration consists of the Curriculum Council, the Head of School, and the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer. The Head of School and the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer work together to manage and supervise the day-to-day activities of the school and facilitate the decisions made by the Curriculum Council.

The Curriculum Council is the decision-making body of the school. It is comprised of the Head of School and select teaching staff. It is responsible for all decisions regarding academics, programs, and classrooms, including the school calendar, curriculum, student placement, and any event, policy and/or activity that impacts the students and/or the classroom environments.

The Head of School’s responsibilities are those concerned with students, academic programs, and staff including hiring and maintaining compliance with all local and state regulations regarding the facility, students, and staff.

The Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer’s responsibilities are those concerned with overseeing the school as a business including family accounts, record keeping, and operational planning.

Curriculum Council

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