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Welcome to MAN

Welcome to Montessori Academy of Naples. We are so pleased you are considering a Montessori education for your family and excited to have the opportunity to share this learning experience with you.

Montessori Academy of Naples is a fully licensed, 501c(3) not-for-profit educational institution and serves students from 2 months to 12 years old. MAN offers high quality Montessori programs and experiential opportunities and consistently receives high praise from licensing, regulating, and educational agencies.

While this website can spotlight MAN’s elements, it is the whole of Montessori Academy of Naples that makes it so remarkable. MAN may be young in years but it is well-seasoned in the Montessori tradition. It is a community of caring individuals, dedicated professionals, committed families, and exuberant students. That sense that so many visitors express of “it just feels right” is what happens when Montessori ideals are woven into the fabric of a community.

We hope this website offers you the insight you are seeking and welcome your questions and feedback. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into this dynamic community of MAN.

Our Mission

Montessori Academy of Naples is dedicated to the philosophy and educational method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Our purpose is to guide each child in a thoughtfully prepared environment to become an independent thinker, resourceful problem solver, and a positive contributing member in our society by focusing on the development of the whole child.

Our Vision

From its inception, Montessori Academy of Naples’ Board of Directors has striven to create an educational institution of high Montessori standard and nurture a dynamic environment where children love to learn, parents feel welcome and secure, education professionals want to

work, and administrators can cultivate a partnership with the faculty, staff, families, and board.

Today, Montessori Academy of Naples has a thriving and ever growing community of students and families. Our students are engaged and enthusiastic learners and community members. Our parents remark how comfortable they feel at school and how confident they are when their children are in our care. Our administrators are hands-on and consistently deliver sound leadership and responsible decision-making without losing sight of the importance of guidance through compassion and mentoring. And, MAN has a dedicated and professional gathering of faculty and staff that is second to none.

From this solid foundation, Montessori Academy of Naples is perched to move into the future with an eye towards serving an increasing population of students and families. As with all its growth, Montessori Academy of Naples has taken one step at a time and expanded opportunities responsibly by honoring its commitment to its students and families, adhering to its principles, and maintaining its financial stability. As MAN readies itself for the future, it is grounded by these pillars, strengthened by its mission, and ever-mindful of the community it serves.

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