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Everyday Basics

On this page…Arrival, Dismissal, and Separation…Nutrition…Dress Code…Sharing…Holiday Celebrations Arrival, Dismissal, and Separation Montessori Academy of Naples has a drive up area to drop off and pick up elementary students during regular arrival and dismissal times. The students are assisted in and out of their vehicles by staff which facilitates the arrival and dismissal process and helps maintain a safe environment during these busy transitions. For Early Childhood program students, parents park and walk their child to and from the classrooms exterior door. Separation is an important step in the development of the child’s independence. A quick, confident good-bye hug and kiss sends your child a positive message about school, reduces anxiety, and shortens the transition period into the class. Arriving on time and adhering to this practice consistently fosters the child’s confidence and sense of trust at school.


Healthy eating habits are formed early. Encouraging children to eat healthy snacks and meals and providing a variety of foods will help them learn how to make healthy choices. Montessori Academy of Naples Organic Produce Co-op assures that fresh fruits and vegetables are provided with every snack and meal at school.

Snack Snack for all programs including After School, is provided by the school. Snack in a Montessori classroom is an independent activity. The students help prepare the food and set the table. Once the preparations are completed, snack is available for the work cycle for two or three students at time. Students choose when they would like to have snack. Once finished, they clean their place and leave it ready for the next student.


In a Montessori classroom, lunch is also a process. Children help prepare the meal during the morning work cycle. At lunch time, the children set the tables using tablecloths, plates, and glasses. They sit for the meal and clean their place once finished. Children staying for lunch can purchase school lunch or bring a lunch from home. Parents are asked to pay special attention to food selections and portion sizes to help reinforce healthy eating habits and teach children about the importance of not wasting food. All lunch box items must be properly heated and/or cooled within the lunch box as the school does not refrigerate or heat items from home. Montessori Academy of Naples offers a school lunch program for a cost of only $3.50 per day. MAN has been able to keep costs low through planning and purchasing. Each month, parents are required to sign up for lunches in advance which allows the school to purchase entrees and sides efficiently. Additionally, MAN purchases through the its organic produce co-op which is a cost-effective way to provides fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal.

Dress Code Montessori Academy of Naples does not require students to wear a uniform but does have a dress code. Appropriate school clothes can inspire care and attention and set the tone for the child’s day. They convey respect for the importance of the child’s work and the community in which they work. Children are quite receptive to the idea of school clothes when it is introduced early and adhered to consistently. It becomes a natural part of their routine. When shopping for school clothes keep these things in mind: Your child should be able to manage their clothing independently. While overalls, belts, and ruffles can be cute, for younger students, they are often impractical in the restroom and can be obstructive to the child’s independence. Clothing should be properly fitted and character-free (no cartoon characters, super-heroes, princesses, etc…) Socks and sneakers are required and should fit properly and be free of adornments such as wheels, lights, attachments, etc. Girls with pierced ears may wear studs but other jewelry is not permitted as it is often distracting and can be a source of great distress if lost or damaged. In short, think practical, think neat, think “dress for success”.

Sharing Sharing is an important part of a child’s life. They are always eager to show what they have found or created and tell you about their latest discovery or experience. At school, we encourage children to share items from current events, science, nature, informative books, poetry, cultural items brought from a trip such as maps, native clothing or currency, musical instruments that the child is learning to play, etc…in short, items that can inform and enhance the experience of others.

Holiday Celebrations Montessori Academy of Naples does not teach religion, but does respect that each child arrives with a unique family foundation and history. While many holidays are religious in origin, they are approached from a cultural perspective, sharing the varied traditions of families. Similarities and differences are honored as a means to develop awareness of more universal themes such as love, kindness, compassion, understanding, respect, sharing of joy and joy for others, and confidence in the fundamental goodness of life. This approach does not favor one tradition over another but emphasizes how each belongs to and enhances our greater community. Dr. Montessori saw education as a means to a better world. Exploring the richness of cultural diversity is an important component toward that end.

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