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Getting Involved

Montessori Academy of Naples does not require families to complete specified volunteer hours. This does not mean there are not things to do: participation in community service projects sponsored by the school offer wonderful opportunities to get involved alongside your child, and assistance is always needed at school functions. In the past, parents have donated books, taught art, spread mulch on the playground, and shared traditions. If you have time and/or talent to share, please contact the school.

There are also social events during the year that help families connect to the school and to each other. Participation strengthens the relationships between families and staff, and helps parents more fully understand and appreciate their child’s experiences at school. Listed below are MAN’s social traditions.

Strictly Social Events

Montessori Academy of Naples hosts several events each year. These events are casual, comfortable opportunities to visit and grow as a community

The Fall Social is a family potluck event held early in the school year designed to give parents and students the opportunity to meet new and old friends alike and get to know the staff outside of the classroom context.

The Winter Social is a family event celebrating the winter holidays complete with music, hot chocolate, tasty treats, and the company of friends.

Sunset Socials are, again, casual family events held under the gazebo. They are potluck, and always enjoyable!

The Pizza Party, held at the end of the school year, is an opportunity for the entire school community of children, parents, and staff to spend time together before dispersing into summer plans.

We recognize that families are busy and there is precious little time for extras like a shoe drive or pizza party. But there is one very important reason that schools, all schools, stress parent involvement – your children. Parents are the first and most important role models in their children’s lives. Parents who get involved with their children’s school show their children that their school and their education is important. Parents who get involved in their community demonstrate just how communities work together and benefit from the involvement and contributions of all, both great and small. It is never too early to set this example.

Specific events and opportunities to get involved with MAN and the greater community vary depending on school and community needs. Current opportunities to get involved are posted in MAN’s Campus News monthly newsletter.

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