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Tracking Process

The most important element in tracking student progress in a Montessori setting, is the teacher’s observations of the child. These observations are the basis for: the assessment of evolving strengths, varying interests, and current needs of the child; the timing and nature of presentations given; and the evaluation and reporting generated for parents. In short, it allows the teacher to form a complete picture of the child and best address their current needs.

Sharing Progress with Parents

Montessori Academy of Naples takes a multi-faceted approach to sharing student progress with parents. Periodic Progress Reports, Parent/Student Events, and Parent/Teacher conferences offer a variety of ways to deepen understanding of the child’s growth and experiences at school. Families are encouraged to take advantage of all three of these insight opportunities.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are a combination of elements based on the observations of the teacher. Within each developmental stage, additional standardized evaluation tools are utilized to offer a more comparative view of the child’s progress. At the elementary level, student work journals and more detailed curriculum reports accompany the progress report.

Parent/Student Events

Parent/Student Events are held several times during the year and offer parents the opportunity to witness first-hand where their child spends so much of their time, how they use their time, who they like to spend time with, and what work they prefer.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Communication between parent and teacher is an important component to understanding and guiding the child. Beyond the casual contact that occurs in routine exchanges, parents are requested to conference with the teacher twice each year.

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